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Here you will find industry-leading best practices for both enterprise and consumer marketing.

Impacting the Buying Process via Effective Lead Nurturing

“For most businesses, the majority of leads in their databases are not sales-ready. Sources show companies that excel at lead nurturing have 50% more sales ready leads at a 33% lower CPL. Sales teams also ignore fewer leads when nurturing is in place. Without nurturing, sales reps often feel that many of the leads that are sent over are of poor quality. Through a nurturing program, leads are kept warm and sales is ready to pick up the leads that are already educated on the market and the product.”

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8 Marketing Automation 'Best Practices' for Webinars

“Webinars are a top notch lead generation tool. Whether you’re sending invitations to an internal list, or outsourcing to an external vendor, there are important steps that should be followed to ensure that you’re not only bringing in a healthy number of registrants, but also doing everything in your power to make sure those registrants actually attend your webinar when the time comes.”

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8 Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Your Demand Gen Strategy

“Lead source is a critical piece of data you need in order to assess the value of your marketing campaigns and part of proper lead management. By putting in place best practices, you will be sure you can measure the value of your marketing campaign efforts while also communicating with sales the important information about a lead”

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Best Practices in Social Media for Integrated Demand Generation

“The Rise of Social Media – Recipients of information are inundated with a plethora of data through additional and newer channels, making purchase decisions increasingly based on advice from friends and the online community.”

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