Reporting and Dashboards

ServicesImageMarketing can measure its contribution to revenue and the ROI campaigns. Yet, knowing what to capture and how to present this information is challenging for most clients. Our Revenue Performance Management approach is to start with “the end in mind”, by building you a set of executive dashboards, and then incorporate other systems.

GrowthFusion can extrapolate needed data for your business:

  • Design executive level dashboards that provide marketing metrics
  • Campaign tracking and channel effectiveness

Some of the key metrics through the different stages of the sales funnel are:

  • Sales acceleration is the key metric (deal volume and time to closure).
  • Lead volume: This basic metric is still crucial to measuring the success of your lead generation programs.
  • Time to close: This will give you an idea of how long it takes on average to close with each customer.
  • Improving lead quality
  • Lowering cost per lead (CPL)
  • Close rate: Knowing the number of customers derived from those leads will signal the effectiveness of your lead nurturing programs.
  • Cost per close: This will tell you what you’re spending on average to achieve the close.
  • Revenue per new customer: Calculating the revenue delivered by each customer will tell you the quality of your leads.