Demand Funnel

ServicesImagePerhaps the most important step in a company’s journey is in defining the overall demand generation strategy. Mapping each stage of the buyer's path, you can proactively and preemptively address needs as they move through the demand funnel. We use a closed loop funnel process that is transparent and highly data driven. The goal is to fill the funnel from multiple marketing channels and measure everything to closure.

Pipeline management is part science, part art. Evaluating the health of your company’s pipeline give sales teams an edge. A salesperson that knows what the funnel truly looks like will better be able to forecast their sales, manage their time and close more sales. While we all strive for a full pipeline, pipeline management means evaluating active opportunities for both quantity and quality. We can evaluate your pipeline, and not just look at it for its face value. At face value, all opportunities are valued at their full estimate regardless of where they are in the sales process and what your history is for closing deals. Or, perhaps they are valued by probability.

We’ll help you accurately manage your pipeline by defining your sales process contact types and milestones, determine your conversion ratios, and calculate your pipeline’s true weighted forecast. With the right volume in your pipeline and knowing where you are light will help steer your sales team in the right direction, spending time on your most promising prospects.

GrowthFusion can establish a demand funnel framework, including:

  • Designing and defining the funnel by employing the SiriusDecision’s Waterfall Methodology, introducing the concept of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL), Sales Qualified Leads (SQL), and Sales Accepted Leads (SAL).
  • Mapping the demand funnel framework to the various states and incorporate lead scoring, routing, and nurturing systems with your so that leads are properly status based on score, routed, and nurtured.