Demand Funnel Graphic InvertGrowthFusion is a Silicon Valley “boutique” demand generation marketing agency focused on systems. As a multi-channel marketing agency with a strong focus on Revenue Performance Management, we believe the sweet spot of marketing is where data, systems and people intersect.

We provide a closed loop funnel process for a company’s sales team that is transparent and highly data driven. The accomplish this we fill the funnel from multiple marketing channels and measure everything to closure. The marketing automation workflow: starting with demand funnel management, implementing lead scoring, progressing with lead nurturing, executing campaign management, and assessing reporting and measurement.

Digital Marketing Packages

Whether you are in the early stages of developing a marketing program or simply need repair on your system, we have a digital marketing package for you.  For more information on each package, please refer to our Digital Marketing Packages Page.

Starter Campaign Package
  • Status-battery-charging-040-iconStart your Marketing Automation program today!
  • Receive a full paid subscription to the best Marketing Automation software fit for you.
  • Get expert consultation and service throughout your journey
  • Learn More…
Catalyst Campaign Package
  • Status-battery-charging-060-iconBrand new or struggling with your current Marketing Automation software?
  • Set up a complete framework for your Marketing Automation campaign
  • Help execute it so you can attain the highest potential of automation.
  • Learn More…
Recharge Campaign Package
  • Status-battery-charging-080-iconDo you have a Messy Instance or want to improve your current system?
  • Pinpoint broken systems and areas of improvement
  • Restructure and redesign to achieve max potential from your process
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Digital Marketing Services

Check out some of the details we have on the specific services that we offer.  Our expert team has extensive experience in the follow services.  For more information on each service, please refer to their individual pages.

Demand Funnel Management


Good process coupled with a good marketing automation system yields good content, efficiencies, and ultimately higher revenue. We use a closed loop funnel process that is transparent and highly data driven. The goal: to prime the funnel from multiple marketing channels and, ultimately, measure everything to closure.  Learn More…

Lead Nurturing


Modern day marketing teaches us that 28 touches are required before a specific action takes place. The process of building “tension” through conversations when a customer is not yet ready to speak with sales, until the final handoff of high interest and a sales accepted lead.  Learn More…

Lead Scoring


All leads are not created equal. Lead scoring propels the sales funnel, while ensuring sales and marketing alignment. Our 10×10 methodology is based on implicit and explicit data. Simply put: lead scoring augments the sales process by providing a client with better quality leads. Many B2B marketers cite lead quality, not quantity as their #1 challenge.  Learn More…

Campaign Execution


A new phenomenon is the ability to provide bottom-line results for the executives. Return-on-marketing investment (ROMI), is the ability to measure/demonstrate those bottom line results. Revenue cycle analytics make it snap to measure, refine, and optimize the revenue cycle.  Learn More…

Reporting and Measuring


While the goal of a marketing automation system is to fill the funnel, many processes are not in place to measure everything to closure. With campaign reporting, dashboards, and closed-loop reporting, we can make it easy to quantify the results of your marketing efforts and optimize your campaigns, so you can provide visibility of your marketing metrics to top executives.  Learn More…

Additional Services


GrowthFusion’s specialty lies in systems and the underlying demand generation infrastructure. Whether a new marketing automation instance or an turnaround when the implementation has gone awry, we understand the nuances of lead nurturing flows, lead scoring, and subscription management tools.  Learn More…


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