Marketo’s release this month includes both new features and major capability upgrades to existing products. While some are relatively minor improvements, others are more significant.

More Significant Changes

Marketing Calendar

The all new marketing calendar is finally here. Organize, view and plan all of your marketing activities in Marketo including those managed outside Marketo such as press releases, roadshows, and blog posts. The new tool will automatically sweep up relevant activities inside Marketo and features an intuitive drag and drop interface with agenda, program, and other custom views. Also being introduced is the concept of tentative campaigns, which will facilitate planning inside the calendar and Marketo.

New Look and Feel

Marketo gets a cosmetic upgrade with a new Windows-like interface that feature “tiles”, keyboard shortcuts and a start menu that launches Marketing Activities, Design Studio, Lead Database, etc. along with better navigation capabilities

Faster Import

According to Marketo, your list uploads will now run 50x faster, reducing lead upload times down to mere seconds even for uploads of thousands of records.

Other Improvements:

New Improved Munchkin

Operational efficiencies for better performance. Rolling out in coming months.

Date Operators

New date operators for advanced date relative comparisons: “in past before,” “in future,” and “in future after”. These will be available as Smart list criteria as well as inside flow steps.

List Operations for REST API

This is a big one for those using the REST API. This new feature gives the ability to find lists in your Marketo subscription and import leads into a list. (For more on this, check out

Real-Time Personalization (RTP) Improvements

  • Campaign Templates – Ready-made templates for a variety of calls-to-action (CTAs) out of the box.
  • HTML5 support in Campaign Content Editor.
  • Javascript API Enhancements – get real-time data from your lead database via API

If you’re interested in learning more, check out the recorded webinar for details about the new look and feel and Marketing Calendar. You can also get in touch with me at