What’s next in marketing automation? Marketo NEXT! This second release happens Saturday 24, 2011 and features a host of incredible features we can’t wait to sink our teeth into. Like a trail of bread crumbs leading to something hot out of the oven, NEXT has cooked up something to satisfy in this release. Eloqua users hungry to break bread with Marketo might find some tasty morsels here with the power to lure them away.

Here’s a taste of the functionality you can expect:

  • A program capable of syncing with SFDC!
  • More local assets in programs
  • New event adapters (Adobe Connect and ON24)
  • Seriously exciting social integration features
  • Data.com enrichment flow steps
  • Easier cloning and moving into Programs
  • Tokens in landing pages
  • The ability to choose the score fields that drive your stars and flames in Sales Insight
  • New multi-touch attribution model
  • Custom Fields in Revenue Explorer

Ready for dessert?

Like us, you might have been busting at the seams with just the functionality upgrades, but there’s actually more icing on the cake—Marketo will now support Chrome and Firefox 6, and they promise to continue to update their browser support as new versions release.

Which upgrades are you most excited about? How will they help your marketing department? We would love to hear from you and find out which new features are going to satisfy your craving for enhanced functionality. Don’t forget to check back here for the official announcement and additional news on the release as they happen!