Though a date for the release is yet to be announced, Marketo is now giving users a sneak preview of the new features and enhanced functionality available soon. The volume and quality of the upgrades is most impressive and many are geared toward making Marketo more attractive to large companies while others are aimed at enhancing the user experience. Check out the features below and find out how they stack up to the user experience for businesses leveraging Eloqua.

Here are some of Marketo’s new features and key enhancements:

  • Advanced Dynamic Content – Email communications and landing pages are made more engaging and creative to your target audience and multiple assets are no longer necessary. This feature has long existed in Eloqua and is almost a basic necessity at large companies. This feature will help Marketo compete more effectively with Eloqua at large accounts and possibly displace Eloqua.
  • Single Sign-on
 – Given the proliferation of cloud apps, a single sign-on is necessary and allows for seamless login to Marketo from a corporate portal. Single sign-on was recently added to the functionality enjoyed by Eloqua users, putting Marketo and Eloqua at par with this particular feature.
  • EU Privacy Directive Support
 – This one comes on the heels of EU regulations that came into effect a couple of months ago and allows you to disable tracking for leads that are anonymous. This compliance with EU regulations is obviously critical if Marketo is to be relevant for companies that are operating and/or marketing in Europe. While Eloqua enabled European opt-in compliance last Spring and have offered white papers and other resources following, Eloqua has not recently revamped their support for EU regulations or implemented further support. 
  • PURLs
 – Users can create personalized, contact-specific URLs for direct mail and email campaigns. This feature which is common in the social media space (e.g. Hootsuite) will allow for smarter marketing. PURL creation is also available in Eloqua, putting it at par with Marketo with this particular feature.
  • Updated Email and Landing Page Editors
 – We are very much looking forward to this updated, more intuitive interface. No recent updates have been made to Eloqua’s email and landing page editors.
  • Program Management
 – With Token delete and easier deletion of programs, program management is vastly simplified. To the best of our knowledge, Eloqua has not recently released any enhancements to their program management feature.
  • Munchkin Updates
 – Webpage load times are reduced, providing more consistent performance for click link events. To our knowledge, Eloqua has not released any updates of this nature.
  • Program Opportunity Analysis
 – Allows you to monitor program lead velocity to better determine marketing contribution to opportunity revenue.

Which of these updates will you benefit from most upon their release? What other updates and enhancements are you hoping for in 2012?