ServicesImageThe foundation for building awareness, interest, and demand for your technology or solution is relevant and timely content for your audiences. Your content strategy is integral to your overall demand generation strategy, mapping to your buyers path through each stage of the demand creation and sales funnels. Your thought leadership content should leverage your company’s expertise, customer experiences, best practices and emerging trends in the market, striving to educate and enlighten, rather than promote. Your product and service content should be both promotional and educational, serving show purpose and value, applied usage, and differentiation from other offerings. Content, in all facets, should reinforce the value of your products and services, even when not promotional. A sound content strategy will leverage a single content asset for multi-channel, multi-media uses, and tie that asset to other content.

GrowthFusion can help you establish a content marketing strategy and provide ongoing assistance with the development of content. Areas of content service include:

  • Content inventory audit – learn about your demand strategy and content goals; assess current content assets; help determine which existing assets fit with your strategy and goals, which should be updated, and which should be archived.
  • Content marketing plan
  • Content development
    • Demand program content
      • Email
      • Landing pages
      • Webinar promotion
    • Web pages
    • Whitepapers
    • eBooks
    • Product and service data / value sheets
    • Blogs
    • Customer stories and case studies
    • External articles
    • Whiteboards
    • Demo storyboards and scripts
    • Presentations
      • Analyst and press briefings
      • Customer
      • Executive
      • Sales training
    • Sales tools (briefing documents, call scripts, play books)