Q: What services does GrowthFusion provide?

A: As a full-service Demand Gen agency, Growthfusion develops, deploys, and manages your demand generation infrastructure from start to finish. From strategy and creative to production, reporting, and lead management, these are the many ways we can drive responses and revenue for you:

Demand Funnel Management

Lead Nurturing

Lead Scoring

Campaign Execution

Reporting and Measurement

Q: I work with a design agency that can create e-mail campaigns and banner ads for me.

Why should I use GrowthFusion instead?

A: Design firms can deliver great design work, but they are not usually experts when it comes to demand generation. While design is important, it’s only one component of a successful campaign. growthfusion focuses not only on the way a campaign looks, but how it works.

Q: I’m located in a different part of the country. Can I work with GrowthFusion

despite the distance?

A: GrowthFusion works with companies nationwide and is responsive and reliable no matter where you are located.

Q: What kind of clients does GrowthFusion work with?

A: Our clients come from a variety of fields and backgrounds, but share a common goal: They desire to work with a company that maintains a positive, forward-thinking attitude and an enthusiasm for creating success through synergy. Many of our clients look to us for the bandwidth to enhance strategy, as well as execute campaigns.

Q: How is GrowthFusion able to acquire full working knowledge of my products and services?

A: With several years of experience working with companies in various industries, GrowthFusion is intimately familiar with the process of getting to know everything about your products and services, from features and specifications to product positioning, proof points and claims. We thrive on the opportunity to acquire this knowledge in an effort to exceed your expectations by not only sharing your goods and services, but bringing the same level of passion to it as you would.

Q: Why should I consider marketing automation with GrowthFusion?

A: One of the fastest-growing channels in both enterprise marketing is marketing automation. From evaluating automation vendors to constructing the most impactful lead management strategy, growthfusion can help you create the blueprint for lead generation and management success, and see you through the entire process.

Q: Sometimes I come up against some tight deadlines.

Can you meet my timeline expectations?

A: Always honest in our approach, growthfusion is very responsive and nimble in the face of your tightest deadlines and we will work diligently with you to set expectations that are reasonable and achievable. If we promise we can deliver, we will always deliver, on-time and always with quality workmanship.

Q: Still have more questions?

A: To find out more about growthfusion, or schedule a free phone consultation, call us at 408-702-5522 or email us at success@growthfusion.com.