Engagement Marketing

Engagement Marketing

Your audience has their marketing shields up. How do you cut through the noise and engage potential buyers? The answer is through engagement marketing, which listens to the customer across multiple channels and responds appropriately.

The Oxford Dictionary defines en•gage•ment (noun) as ‘the action of engaging or being engaged’. The verb to en•gage is defined as to establish a meaningful contact or connection with another. Add marketing to engagement et voila! – marketing that creates engagement with prospects and customers. Isn’t that exactly what Marketers are in the business to do – establish a meaningful contact or connection with another?

The kind of conversation that engagement marketing fosters goes beyond highly ineffective batch-and blast email strategies, which lessen the likelihood of connecting with potential buyers in the future. Engagement Marketing is increasingly becoming a relevant marketing topic. Marketers are realizing that by creating more engaging marketing campaigns, sales conversions are shorter and customer loyalty is longer. Engagement Marketing allows for interactions with potential and existing customers. These meaningful conversations are always two-way, relevant, multi-channel, timely, and ultimately – effective at turning leads into customers.

At Growth Fusion, we view Engagement Marketing as the foundation of our integrated digital marketing services. We specialize in marketing automation strategy and tactics that create digital Engagement Marketing opportunities which convert prospects to sales leads. We know that by creating relevant, compelling and informative online campaigns (translation: conversations), the resulting demand funnels allow marketers to do better lead nurturing with higher lead scores and all the while reporting and measuring these online brand experiences so that marketers (our clients) can claim their kudos from sales and company executives, not to mention happy new customers!


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